There you are. It's a beautiful day, the water's calm. You take the time to find your special spot, put on your gear, everything is just right and into the water you go. You reach the visibility!

Now what? Head for the blue water!

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Whether you're a hunter, or a photographer, Seastand™ is the answer, giving you an alternative to bottom hunting or photography.

Handcrafted from the finest European Teak available, the Seastand™ is designed as an underwater platform that is suspended from your boat using nylon stabilizer lines. Designed to hold a diver at a desired depth while drifting or anchored, Seastand™ takes the worry out of monitoring depth or buoyancy. With the Seastand™, the diver has complete freedom to use both hands for spearfishing or photography, giving him/her the opportunity to experience a part of the ocean that bottom divers can only dream about.

Priced around $200.00.

Manufactured by Blue Water Scuba, Inc. of Palm City, Florida. (No relation to Blue Water Hunter/Deep Thought Diving Products)

For more information, or to place an order, call (800) 452-6696 or (805) 564-6677, or email

Tony Ludouico
Tony Ludovico

Creator of the Seastand™
With Florida Dolphin Fish


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