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SCUBA Equipment Packages
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scuba_cressideluxe.jpg Cressi-Sub Deluxe SCUBA Package
Our deluxe package includes the following equipment:



Cressi S109 BCD



Cressi XS Plus Regulator



Cressi GS1 Computer
w/Pressure Gauge Console



Cressi XS Octopus



Cressi S109 BCD
Full featured and weight integrated, the S109 features Cressi-Sub's exclusive C-Trim System. Unlike conventional integrated weight BCD's, the S109 weight pockets allowing for proper balance while underwater or on the surface. The C-tri, allows for rapid weight removal throughout your dive. Additional trim weight sleeves are located on the back of the bladder. Made with 1000 denier Cordura.

XS Plus Regulator
The XS Plus is a versatile high performance regulator Ioaded with high performance features. 2nd Stage - The XS Plus lightweight second stage delivers optimum performance at all depth and all tank pressures as a result of Cressi-sub's patented 1st stage Internal Balance System with controlled venturi assist. Additionally featured is a diver controlled Dive/Pre-dive switch allowing for the fine-tuning of the 2nd stage. Small, compact and durable, the XS Plus is made lighter than conventional 2nd stages, reducing water resistance during diving. 1st Stage - Well known for its reliability and durability, the XS Plus first stage features a balanced, flow-through piston design that delivers consistent airflow at all depths, regardless of tank pressure. Two high-pressure and five low-pressure ports are perfectly positioned, allowing for proper alignment of hoses. A conical inlet filter is used, increasing air filtration 200% over conventional flat filters. Made of marine brass, the 1st stage is plated with a durable satin chrome finish. Additionally, a 360° low pressure swivel is used, insuring convenient hose positioning.

scuba_cressibasic.jpg Cressi-Sub Basic SCUBA Package
Our basic package includes the following equipment:



Cressi Aquapro 5 BCD



Cressi XS2 Regulator



Cressi GX Analog Depth Gauge
w/Pressure Gauge Console



Aquapro 5 BCD
Aquapro5 is an innovative BCD for the diver looking for minimal weight integration. Featuring a 12 lb integraed weight capacity, the Aquapro 5 utilizes a padded backpack with adjustable lumbar support.

XS2 Regulator
The XS2 has proven to be a low maintenance, durable regulator with outstanding performance characteristics at a very economical price. The perfect choice for the active recreational sport diver. 2nd Stage- The XS2 features the same lightweight, high performance second stage as the XS Plus and the Airtech. With the Cressi-sub patented Internal Balance Injection System, high performance is insured at all sport diving depths. The 2002 XS2 features an easy access side entry port for adjusting of the 2nd stage. Additionally featured is a Dive/Pre-dive switch allowing for the fine-tuning of the regulator during use. 1st Stage- The XS2 features a versatile first stage that is a small, lightweight, dependable high flow piston design. Made with corrosion resistant marine brass, the XS2 utilizes a durable, satin chrome plated finish. Fitted with four low-pressure ports, the XS2 utilizes a conical inlet filter allowing for a 200% increase in filtration over conventional flat filters. lts unique external adjustable feature makes the XS2 an ideal recreational or rental regulator.

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